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For your viewing pleasure, The Films of Mike Maryniuk is a must-have for any filmmaker or cinephile interested in the weird and wonderful world of DIY filmmaking.

Featuring the short films:

  • Dead Ringer
  • Fish Arms
  • Tattoo Step
  • Cattle Call
  • Asleep at the Wheel
  • Bomber Blitz
  • John Scoles’ Liars Club
  • Mahaha the Tickler
  • Slaughterbed
  • Chicken Scratch
  • Night of the Living Liver
  • Carrot Teen
  • Bush Wact
  • Spawn of Pickerel Ron
  • Lockport: A Place for Lovers
  • Give Beef a Chance
  • Plus a bunch of music videos and other visuals to delight your senses!

Mike Maryniuk was born in Winnipeg, but raised in the rural back country of Manitoba. A completely self-taught film virtuoso, Maryniuk’s film world is an inventive hybrid of Jim Henson, Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage. Maryniuk’s films are a visual stew of hand-made ingredients and are full of home cooked wonderfulness.

The listed DVD price is for private use only. If you are an Educational Institution or Community Group and are interested in a DVD library copy that includes Public Performance Rights please contact Monica Lowe at (204) 925-3452 or for more information.